Introduction & Overview


You’ve just signed up for the most powerful hosted membership system on the planet. You might think we’re being facetious but we really believe that have just that!  With this service you can:

  • Create unlimited membership levels
  • Assign any user to any level
  • Restrict users to individual content pieces or entire categories of content
  • Design your pages as you see fit
  • Connect to Stripe or Paypal for payments
  • Collect support tickets from a built-in help-desk.

And much much more.

But despite all this power at your fingertips, you’ll be able to get started quickly because we included a full-featured template.  All you have to do to get up and running with it is:

  1. Name your levels and remove the ones you don’t want
  2. Update text, images and colors to match your brand
  3. Add membership content such as articles and links to videos.

That’s it – you’ll be ready to start serving up your content.

Check out our QUICK START document for more information.