Custom User Profile Fields

Easy Membership Sites has THREE types of custom profile fields targeted at different use-cases and workflows.

  • Purchase Registration Fields – used when customers are purchasing a membership
  • Front-end User Profile Fields – used in the front-end user profiles
  • Forum User Profile Fields – used in the user profiles for forum users

Purchase Registration Fields

You can set these up under MEMBERSHIPS->REGISTRATION FIELDS.  By default, this data isn’t enabled for viewing anywhere once the user has completed their purchase.  So when setting up each field you need to indicate where the data should be viewed after the purchase is complete.  To do this, choose an option in the PROFILE DISPLAY OPTIONS item when configuring the field. You can choose to hide the field or show them on the user profile in the admin area (the user profile that is under the USERS screen.)

Users will not see these fields on their user profile on the front-end.  But admins can view them in the admin area under the USERS menu option.

Front-end User Profile Fields

You can set these up under MEMBER MANAGEMENT->FORMS.  Users can view and change these fields under their profile screen on the front-end after a purchase is complete.

If you offer a free-registration option without purchase or membership levels, you can use the registration form in this section to add these fields as well.

Forum User Profile Fields

As you might expect, these fields are only visible on the user profile associated with the discussion forums.  You can set these up under FORUM->PROFILES-PROFILE CUSTOM FIELDS.

Linking Custom Fields

You can link custom fields set up in the PURCHASE REGISTRATION FIELDS to the FRONT-END USER PROFILE FIELDS.

To do this, the field has to be set up under MEMBERSHIPS->REGISTRATION FIELDS first.  Fields that are first set up in MEMBER MANAGEMENT->FORMS cannot be linked.  So it’s very important that you first set up the field under MEMBERSHIPS->REGISTRATION FIELDS if you also need them to appear in the user profiles on the front-end.

To create the link, the internal field names have to be the same.  When you set up the field in the MEMBERSHIPS->REGISTRATION FIELDS, the internal field name will be the name assigned with spaces replaced by dashes.  For example, if you set up a field called “Favorite Color”, then the field name will be favorite-color.

Under the MEMBER MANAGEMENT->FORMS screen, you can create a new field with the same internal name.  Using the “Favorite Color” example, you will set the “Meta Key” value to favorite-color (The “Meta-Key” is the internal field name.)

Only certain types of fields can be linked – in particular TEXT Fields.

Note: Forum User Profile fields cannot be linked to the other custom field types.