Drip Feeds (Drip Series)

After you’ve created few pieces of content (usually articles / posts), you can choose to assemble them into a “drip feed”.

A Drip Feed is just a timed sequence where articles are released to new sign-ups on a defined schedule (eg: 1 day after sign up, 2 days after sign up etc.).

It’s important to remember that you must first create your content before you can assemble them into a drip-series.

Create A Series

  • Give the series a name and in the body provide a description of the series.
  • In the right hand side of the screen you should see a box with a title REQUIRE MEMBERSHIP.
  • In that box check off the membership levels the drip-series will apply to. If only members are allowed to then select all membership levels.
  • In the MANAGE SERIES meta-box at the BOTTOM of the screen, you can add your posts/articles to the series in the order in which they will be delivered to your end users.
    • For the DELAY, specify the number of days after the user signs up – a value of zero will release the content immediately.
  • Click the PUBLISH button to start the series.

Tip: You can create multiple series even with the same content.  For example, you could have your silver members get certain content 7 days after sign up but your platinum members get the content immediately after sign-up.