Using Your Own Domain

Using your own domain helps you with branding your website.  Instead of your website being, it can be

There are two ways that we handle this:

  1. You transfer what’s known as your NAME SERVERS to us.  We strongly recommend this approach because it allows us to place your site behind a firewall and apply all kinds of protections.  It keeps your site faster and reduces down-time when we have to make IP address and server changes.
  2. You can just point your “A” record directly to our IP address.  However, with this method your site will be slower and will not be as protected.

Either way, in order to get this done you’ll need to open a support ticket.  When you open a ticket, please include the following information:

  • Which method you would like to use (method 1 or method 2 described above)
  • The domain name
  • The registrar for the domain
  • The location of the Name Server records (usually it’s the same as the registrar but sometimes it’s different)

Once we receive the ticket we’ll send you instructions on how to proceed.  After you’ve notified us that you’ve completed the steps in our instructions, we’ll then configure the final connections inside our network and close the loop so that your site will be accessible via your domain name.