Private Content & Private Pages

There are two types of private content.  One set is shown under the user profile screen and is available for all users – including users who have not signed up for a paid account or trial.  The other is a separate page and is only available to users who have signed up for a paid or trial account.

Private Content For The User Profile

To add content to a user under their user profile screen you must go to the admin area and bring up the user list.  Scroll down to the user (or filter the list) and hover over the username.  The private content link for the user will show up.  Click on it to get to the editing screen.

The user can then access this content under their USER PROFILE screen.

Private Pages

Private pages are only available to users who have signed up for a paid or trial account.  And only if that membership level is configured to have private pages for users.

Assuming these two conditions are met:

To add private content to the users’ private page, you need to edit the page directly.  Go to the list of pages in the admin area.  Scroll towards the bottom of the list of pages till you see the USER PAGES entry.  Under there you should see one page for each user – IF the user is configured to have a private page.  You can edit the private page for the user to add any content you would like.

Users can access this private content via a link a the bottom of their MEMBERSHIP ACCOUNT page.